15 Winter fashion trends for 2019

15 Winter fashion trends for 2019

15 Winter fashion trends for 2019

Fashion trend for the upcoming winter season of 2019 is predicted to be composed of the nude and more tranquil color palette collections as for the clothing section. According to the feng shui this year 2019 shares the element Earth and has a more serene, calm and quite yin energy quality. Unlike last year 2018 which shared the similar Earth feng shui element with the yang quality which was active and more energetic than this year.

According to an article in a personal blogging site named KNOW FENG SHUI the best clothing colour for this year 2019 are as follows:

Not only the clothing but the accessories such as hand bags, jewellery, belts and many more are said to have more elegancy and much more eye pleasuring structures and designs.

Here in this article I have taken out 15 trends from the forecasted trends for the winter fall of 2019 which will indubitably will come in the trend.

1.Over sized Clothing:

This was in the most trending and in the top of the list in 2018. From oversized hoddies, jackets to over sized pants a huge demand and interest was seen from the public sized and will still be in trend and the demands are forecasted to be incresing in the comming 2019 winter fall. The top notched companies such as John Gallino, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Tommy Heilfiger are considered as the inspiration for such clothing. I have even seen some of the models of Gucci garbed in the oversized clothing and promoting these clothing.

2. Beanie

Beanies are never out of fashion. They help us to protect our head from the freezing cold of the winters and also help us to hide our greasy hair which we do not feel like washing in the cold winter days. Not only this but beanies always make us look more younger (speciallly talking about girls in this case) and more cuter with some black jeans from H&M or Zara( the more affordable ones) and furry jacket or an oversized bomber jacket.

3. Bob and Pixie haircut for women

According to the hairstylists there will be more number of pixies and bob haircut style this year. It is easier for carrying out a sophisticated yet gentle look. It is look that an old women and even a young women can carry for the winters.

Source: Medium