20 Transformative Ways to Give New Life to Old Furniture

20 Transformative Ways to Give New Life to Old Furniture

20 Transformative Ways to Give New Life to Old Furniture

If you're giving yourself a fresh start for 2019—new haircut, workout routine, healthy habits—give your furniture a New Year's refresh with these 20 tutorials that will restore, revitalize, or totally redo your favorite wood, metal, leather, vinyl, marble, and upholstered pieces.

Strip It

How To Strip and Refinish Wood Furniture

If you find yourself in possession of a piece that has potential, but its wood is buried under layers of paint, bring out its natural beauty and let it shine.

Polish It

How To Polish Wood Furniture

Restore the finish of beloved wood pieces with a good polishing. This post includes instructions for polishing furniture that just needs a refresh as well as pieces that need a deeper conditioning preceded by a light stripping.

Oil It

How To Oil Your Wooden Furniture

Prevent drying and cracking by regularly applying a coat of the delightfully named Feed-N-Wax wood conditioner.

Paint It: Wood

How To Paint Furniture for a Professional-Looking Finish

Want painted wood furniture with an absolutely perfect silky-smooth finish? Follow every step of this tutorial to the letter and your final product will look fabulously professional.

Paint It & Distress It

How To Give Furniture a Distressed Painted Finish

But sometimes you don't want your furniture to have a perfect silky-smooth finish! Follow these thorough instructions for a charmingly distressed look.

Stain It

How to Stain Wood & Give New Life to Old Furniture

Stain can seem a bit mysterious and intimidating, but it is an incredible substance for achieving subtle and sophisticated results.

Adorn It

How To Upgrade Drawer Knobs, Pulls, and Handles

This post covers everything to keep in mind when it's time to upgrade your hardware and even includes instructions for going from a knob to a handle (or vice versa).

Source: Apartment Therapy